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Engine management light :S

Fabian808 Dec 26, 2013

  1. Fabian808

    Fabian808 Looking for parts :P

    Hi all pleasure to be part of the site. A few months ago I converted from old fords to an 03 plate S3. Its
    a lovely car and I'm enjoying owning it, however the itch for modifying it soon came so I started with an
    after market recirculating dump valve which I fitted a couple of weeks ago, the noise is great, however it
    seems I've lost a little bit of power :S and also it might be totally unrelated but the engine management light
    has now come on :S

    Im wondering if anyone has had the same problem? Any help is greatly appreciated! Regards. Fabian.
  2. <tuffty/>

    <tuffty/> Badger 5 Edition...Its all about the flow... Staff Member Moderator Audi S3

    To be honest there is little to be gained from an aftermarket DV other than a little under bonnet bling... OE DV's are more than up to the job...

    As for the CEL, first thing to do would be to scan the car with VCDS (or similar tools) to check the fault codes... once you have those then post them up here and we can comment from there

    Have a read of this as it contains useful info

    When you have read that then its worth having a look at the FAQ's in the sticky threads

  3. Ian2012

    Ian2012 Active Member

    yes agree on the dv just stick to oem, that may also be the cause of your light on
  4. gen.heinz guderian

    gen.heinz guderian Well-Known Member

    Aftermarket DV`s can turn Cel light on. Pm me if you want a scan, not that far from you.
  5. Fabian808

    Fabian808 Looking for parts :P

    Thanks guys. A friend of mine will be plugging the car in at the weekend to see what the problem is, as for the dump valve I think I'll be putting the standard one back on, good job I kept it!

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