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Engine Management Light -INTAKE MANIFOLD PROBLEM????

Reiss87 Jul 28, 2010

  1. Reiss87

    Reiss87 New Member

    Hi I have got an A3 and the engine management light come on so i took it back to the garage where i bought it from (not an audi dealer) who plugged it in there dignostic machine and it said something to do with the intake manifold.....he reset the fault codes and said bring it back if they come back on which 2 weeks later they did so he called someone he knows from audi who reset the intake flaps or somethin:S and the light went of a day later it came back so he booked it into audi and they said they have replaced the throttle housing and that they could not find a specific problem but if it happens again the will replace the flap motor (whatever that is?) has anyone else had a similar problem or know if this is a common fault and what could be the cause....


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