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engine management light and diagnostics help

dj enzo May 1, 2013

  1. dj enzo

    dj enzo New Member

    Hi all i'm new here and need a little help i've recently swapped my civic type r for an s3 and have got a few issues with the car want to sort out asap.

    first problem is the car sometimes is running in limp mode and not revving past 4500 rpm i first thought is was a fuel saving measure as an Mercedes c200k i'm working on does the same but after putting some go juice in the tank it was still doing the same thing the car pulls well up until 4500 rpm and it like it hit a rev limiter and doesn't want to go past it.

    second problem car cut out on my today and wouldn't start i was on my own and didn't have my phone so no way of contacting anyone for a hand or recovery. so stayed with the car and disconnected the battery for 10 minutes and the car roared back into life.

    i've done the diagnostics and it has came up with 3 faults non of which mean anything to me.

    here the results of the diagnostics hope someone can assist me on these issues
  2. Lewis583

    Lewis583 Active Member VCDS Map User

    First of all, Welcome to the forum.

    Second, you need to scan the car with a decent scan tool (e.g. VCDS/Vagcom or another scan tool that doesn't think the car is a Honda ;))

    I've put the codes into Ross-tech site and the definitions are as follows:




    The first 2 codes both relate to the crankshaft position sensor, so that would be my first port of call. Remove the connector and check the pins on both female/male plugs for signs of dampness/corrosion etc. Give them a spray with WD40 or similar and reconnect. Have a look see if the wiring down to the actual sensor is chafed/damaged in anyway.

    The final code is pretty common. Culprit will either be the thermostat stuck open and not allowing the engine to reach full temperature or the coolant temp sensor is dieing.

    Temp sensor is easier to change but more expensive.
  3. dj enzo

    dj enzo New Member

    Thanks for the reply i use movi as its the only diagnostics available for mac lol its a drop down menu that you can select every make of car i forgot to select audi in the menu.

    i changed the dump valve and the lights to a forge split r and for some reason none of the lights are on for some stranged reason and have driven the car for over 200 miles without them coming back on would the crank lights come on from a worn flywheel as i had that replaced yesterday along with the clutch.

    i'm gonna have a good look over the engine and have a good look.

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