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Engine management + ESP light on...Help!!

Pooch121 Jul 11, 2009

  1. Pooch121

    Pooch121 Steady Eddy

    Oi Oi Boyos

    Had a bit of a nightmare last night and this morning with my A3 2001 1.6...

    Wondering if the guru's can look at these symptons and divulge what the feck is going on, :uhm:

    number of faults all occuring within the last 24 hours, im hoping they are all related to the same problem but tbh with the range of faults I got, thats wishful thinking!!!

    faults are as follows:-

    -ESP light is on
    -Engine Temp gauge not working (sits at 0)
    -Heating- Turn the heating up full, when the car is in motion (engine reving) the heating is fine, when idleing (at standstill, engine on) the heating temp jus decreases till it is only just warm, air con is working fine. Seems to react with engine temperature in other words.

    and this morning:-

    Engine managment light came on while on the way to work (crumbs:banghead:)

    Im thinking the heating issue along with the temp gauge not working is relative to either the temp sensor or the thermostat (prob wrong),

    I thought ESP would relate to the ABS/traction control etc which is confusing?!? and as for the engine management light coming on this morning I havent got a clue!!

    Im an absoloute novice but keen to learn fellas so my apologies if my explanation of faults is a little thin with detail..

    hopein the gurus can help:superman:, merci beacoup

    much love

  2. Pooch121

    Pooch121 Steady Eddy

    anybody help me on this please??
  3. MikeA3

    MikeA3 Active Member VCDS Map User

    To be honest you need to get the car's ecu scanned to get an accurate idea of what's wrong.

    The ABS & Engine check lights can come on for any number of reasons (normally relates to either the longitudinal or lateral acceleration sensor from my experience)

    Oh - and a new thermostat ot temp sender should cure the temperature issues on the dash.

  4. Pooch121

    Pooch121 Steady Eddy

    thanks mike

    I got a pal who works at Swindon Audi, il be droppin it in tomos out of hours and running a diagnosis to see whats gwarnin..:hi:
  5. Broken Byzan

    Broken Byzan Photographic Moderator Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User quattro Audi A4

    I cannot see any one fault causing your isues. The water pump sounds at fualt due to the non flowing water. The coolant temp sender sonds dodgy as you have no dash temp gauge, also the ESP and ABS lights can be linked so maybe the MAF causing this or a dead wheel speed sensor. The list is endless, post up the results of the scan and maybe we can stop guessing and help you using the fault codes as a guide
  6. Pooch121

    Pooch121 Steady Eddy

    ok mate nice one
  7. dan-quattro

    dan-quattro Member

    My ABS light was on with TC not so long ago due to a speed sensor being faulty, and when my engine light came on it was a temp sensor.
  8. Pooch121

    Pooch121 Steady Eddy

    temp sensor is defo worth replacing...think that will eliminate my temp problems...engine management light is off now...still in need of diagnosing,

    consider the issue resolved, thanks for all ur input fellas.

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