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Engine light problem =x

markyp2002 Nov 27, 2006

  1. markyp2002

    markyp2002 Member

    Ok, its typical this has had to happen just before christmas, but hey lifes a bitch lol

    the engine light came on thursday last week but the car didnt seem to be affected in any way, and i was told before this N249 Bosch DV was playing up. But now it seems the car isnt as quick as it used to be and it ticks over at higher revs, normally (when warm) around 0.8-1k revs now it ticks over all the time at 1.3k?

    Anyone got any suggestions to what this might be?

  2. garratt83

    garratt83 Member

    When your engine light comes on the system sometimes reduces power and adjusts other things, when my Cat went faulty the car slowed and didn't run as nice as it does now.

    Get a vag on it to find the fault

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