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Engine Judder, help!

alpesh26 May 5, 2012

  1. alpesh26

    alpesh26 Active Member TeamMisano

    I've got a weird engine judder from my 1.9TDi. In 5th gear at around 1800-2100rpm under heavy acceleration, the car feels like its in the wrong gear and starts to judder, the gear stick also starts to wobble. It sometimes does the same in 4th at the same sort of rpm range. I've also noticed a drop off in performance, it doesn't seem to want to go.

    Today I cleaned the EGR valve, inlet manifold, MAF, intake valve (is this the same as the throttle body - i'm not mechanically minded!!) and hoovered out the air box because it was full of leaves. I replaced any gaskets/O rings I took off to eliminate any leaks. I'm still getting the judder even after all this cleaning. The only benefit I got from it is a quieter idle and slightly better throttle response but its still not like it used to be. The car was remapped about a year ago and has been running fine since.

    The EGR was caked in carbon as was the intake manifold, i'm surprised it was working in the state it was in!

    Have any of you guys had any symptoms like this and what was it or what could it be? I'm thinking it could be either the turbo, boost leak, injector or flywheel (the clutch is at normal biting point and replaced about 30k ago so i dont think its that).
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  2. *Adam

    *Adam Member

    I'd say get the actuator checked to see if the VNT Mec on the turbo is working correctly. Then look at the N75 valve.
  3. alpesh26

    alpesh26 Active Member TeamMisano

    Bit of an update on this, i drove the car this morning to work and the judder was gone. Maybe there was some carbon left in the system which has now cleared out. Its is more responsive but not as much as it used to be after the remap so I still think something is sticking/not working properly. At least i've ruled out its nothing to do with the transmission.

    Cheers for the reply Adam, i'll get the actuator checked out. Would this have to be done at a garage or is it something that can be done at home? Think it can only be the turbo that's causing the loss of performance now

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