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engine goes flat at 3000 revs

ratty May 3, 2004

  1. ratty

    ratty New Member

    I have just perchased an audi a4 tdi (110) I find the car to be quite powerful to drive normally but if I do have cause to put my foot down hard I find the engine to loose most of its power just after 3000 revs 2nd & 3rd gear. Can anyone tell me if it is normal or it not what the problem might be. its done 160,000 miles but with a full service history its a 1998 s reg :burning:
  2. ZAF

    ZAF Member

    Hi Luther,
    Sound's like the common problem of the FAULTY air flow meter.
    It was the same on our A4 110tdi. Which had only done 68k miles.
    After 3,000prm it was flat.
    Get it checked.


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