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Engine flush, yay or nae?

danger S3 Oct 3, 2010

  1. danger S3

    danger S3 Member

    Hi guys, how do you rate Wynns Engine Flush?

    I am thinking about doing it on my S3 that's done 100k miles, I have already removed and cleaned the pickup and cleaned the inside of the cam cover and cleared out the blocked breather hoses

    i've changed the oil since cleaning it all and there was loads of bits of **** in the oil so was thinking this would be good to get rid off the rest from around the engine so I can change the oil and clean the pickup again and know that that's the majority of the bad stuff removed

    anyone had good or bad experiences with it?
  2. s3dave

    s3dave TFSI Hybrid Supporter

    I would flush
  3. Sandip

    Sandip Well-Known Member Team Nogaro Blue

    I flush mine once a year using Forte engine flush, had my pick up and sump cleaned recently and it wasn't to bad. I would flush it once and the change the oil every 6k. Not sure what oil you use but try to stay away from longlife 5w30
  4. MURRAYS444

    MURRAYS444 Member

    I've not used wynn's engine flush but have bought it to change my oil next week its good if your changing the oil grade for the engine.
  5. danger S3

    danger S3 Member

    I only got the car in the summer and it has been on Audi's long life service its whole life. I am steering clear of the long life stuff altogether after the state my sump and cam cover were in when i had them off so I have put in quantum platinum 5W40 stuff from the dealers

    tbh i am moving away from the engine flush idea and just doing an oil and filter change, running it for a week or something then dropping the sump, cleaning the pickup again and doing fresh oil and filter then going onto a regular 5k - 6k oil change interval
  6. Biggied

    Biggied They called him mellow yellow.

    I did mine a while ago (June I think), full power max oil flush, new oil pump & stainer, new sump & changed to quantum platinum @ max 10k/1 year interval or sooner if I can be *****. There was a bit of baked on **** on the sump & the stainer did have a few bits in it but it was more for piece of mind than anything as I've seen a few get clogged resulting in various damage including turbos & cylinder heads, cars all of which have been on the AVS schedule but its not the oil to blame (longlife 5w30 usaully castrol or mobil if done @ dealers) but the extended change intervals & lots of cold engine operation which degrades the oil very quickly.
  7. DaveA3

    DaveA3 Audi A-Trizzle!

    wynns aint bad but forte is best if u can get ur hands on it. my local garage stocks it so i just get them to do it. u can get it from ebay aswell

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