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Engine Experts, please help needed

APU Feb 14, 2012

  1. APU

    APU New Member

    Hey peeps

    My good old BKD (2005) failed last month :(...... with only 90k on the clock

    One exhaust valve has broken off and fallen into the block, the broken part was stuck in the piston and didnt bounce a lot so no damage to the walls and little damage to the head, phew :D

    Several weeks later I have a skimmed head with new valves and one new piston.

    When i bought this car last year it was noisy like a lazy/failed tappet or two and wondering now should i replace the followers as well? They are not cheap and at £25 a pop will be additional 400 pounds which i dont have

    I've made two short vids and asking our experts to advise me if this play is acceptable? I have 4 followers with such play, the rest are rock hard.....

    BKD inlet follower play - YouTube

    BKD followers/rocker arm play - YouTube

    In advance, thanks for your help
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2012
  2. APU

    APU New Member

    This is what i was looking for

  3. murran

    murran Well-Known Member

    if money is tight id just replace the ones that are displaying the knackard tappets.

    has the engine not been run yet since the rebuild?? after its run up to temp. you might find the tappets will refill with oil and be fine.
  4. APU

    APU New Member

    Hi Murran,

    I think you are correct and once the engine is running it will be better but taking into account that it was noisy in the first place before the rebuild i think it will still be noisy unless i replace the broken rockers. After reading Elsa i decided to change 6 faulty arm.

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