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engine earthing

SyA3Turbo Apr 25, 2005

  1. SyA3Turbo

    SyA3Turbo Member

    i know the tt owners reckon this makes an improvment to the general running of the car. Is it an issue on the a3/s3?

    The reason i ask is my cars revs hunt on idle and dont seem to drop and stay level.

    Worthwhile or not? Is there an ICV on the a3 or will it be conrolled by the fly by wire throttle?
  2. PaulRS3

    PaulRS3 Well-Known Member

    i run it on mine, but more cos i cant be ***** to remove it.

    electrically the readings before were very good and after hardly any difference at all.

    that said under load it may help when bombing down road at 70 mph when heat starts to rise and resistances can increase.

    i noticed it seemed to be smoother, but it may have been a placebo effect. It has now just dissapeared into the norm.

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