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Engine Dropped! :( [With Pics]

revilo Apr 1, 2013

  1. revilo

    revilo Member


    Recently i have had some work done to my car (notably: Gearbox refurbished, Clutch/Flywheel replace and Master cylinder replaced).
    This was originally done due to gear stiffness and getting stuck in reverse.

    Probably unrelated: All was running smooth for a few weeks, then the car started having troubles starting from hot. No biggie, just replaced the starter with a new Bosch unit. All good again.

    Move on another few weeks and i start having issues changing gear when cold, alright, sorts itself out when warm.
    Week after this began, it stopped getting better when warm and was constantly hard work changing gear.
    Contacted garage, booked in for after Easter weekend for a look around.

    After driving to Wales for the weekend (Snow, in March?!), i attempted to engage reverse to park my car and it wouldn't go in.. odd.. (exactly back to how the car was before the original work). Disengage clutch and reengage, reverse pops in, jobs a good'n.
    Unloaded the better half's gear and headed home, maneuvering into my usual space, engaged reverse and 'CRACK'..

    Strong smell of burning plastic filled the cab and a tiny amount of drive. Fan thudding as well.

    The Drop and initial visible damage

    Lower Engine Mount (upside down)


    Broken bolt from engine (found across the street)


    Belt cut through (fuel) pipe? (Hard to see in picture)


    Wiring casing crushed into fan (when running)


    Couple of questions.

    • What could have caused this?
    • What other damage could have been caused?
    • Who is at fault (no one or the garage)?

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  2. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    That's a dogbone bolt that's snapped, you'll need to drill the old thread old & stick a tap through to recut the thread to fit a new bolt, that should resolve that issue 1st, other is back to gearbox people.

    As to what caused it, if they removed the mount bolt to do gearbox, maybe they over tightened without correct torque & thus weakened it, who knows.
  3. revilo

    revilo Member

    I shall have a gander tomorrow morning at removing the rest of the bolt.

    Should the bolt be replaced with a new on when they are removed? I have heard they are TTY bolts?
  4. bmh.01

    bmh.01 Member

    I'd say its more likely they haven't tightened it enough and the load has been solely on the bolt and has snapped it. Both problems are down to incompetance of the garage that have had the box out. Its also possible that they have tightened it up at the time but it has come undone over time as most of the bolts that are removed for a clutch change are stretch bolts and supposed to be replaced for this reason as they are weaker when re-stretched. They won't have been changed as when I put the sachs in mine the bill for bolts alone came to almost £80.

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