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Engine detail... advice please?

fgaffney Aug 31, 2010

  1. fgaffney

    fgaffney Member

    I got hold of some Autosmart G101 today from the local rep and set about doing my first ever engine detail.

    I was quite pleased with the results overall (I didn’t realise the Audi rings were silver?) however I was wondering if there was any way to clean up the rusty thing which can be seen bottom left corner?

    I didn’t want to muck about with it too much as I didn’t know what it was, in fact I was even a bit wary using the pressure washer on the engine bay so decided to use a slow running hose instead

    Can it be cleaned and if so what with and how?

    Many thanks in advance.

  2. Jimmeh

    Jimmeh Active Member

    I think thats the fuel filter mate.. the rusty bit. Recently replaced on my A4 (but on mine its tucked away and consealed out of the way)

    Check my recent report; the Fiesta Zetec and Audi A3 job.. The same thing had happened to that one too - not that I tried tbh, but you may be able to lift a little with the likes of Autosol or similar? Worth a try anyway (could be easier for you to do if you were to take it off and do it properly)

    Other than that though, looks as though you've done a fine job. Did you dress the plastics with anything?
  3. fgaffney

    fgaffney Member

    Thanks for your reply Jim. I follow all your posts very closely and I'm slowly building my arsenal of products however I hadn't managed to get my hands on any AG Vinyl & Rubber Care before the job (I was too eager to see how the G101 would perform)!

    I raked about in the shed and dug out some Armourall which I hadn't used for years so I just gave everything a quick once over with it. Not sure how long it’ll last mind?

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