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Engine decarbonizer specialists as seen on Wheeler Dealers

spannah May 27, 2012

  1. spannah

    spannah Member

    Hi there,

    Has anyone seen this episode on wheeler dealers, this engine decarbonizer gets u better carbon emissions, better mpg and performance.

    I have been checking online and i can only find garages in america that offer this service. Does anyone know any garages that actually do this? Please check the youtube link below and forward to 6mins 40

    Forward to 6mins 40 seconds

    Wheeler Dealers Jag XK8 Pt 2 Of 3 - YouTube

    I need to know who offers this service as its brilliant for high mileage cars

  2. Ianb4310

    Ianb4310 Member

    If be interested in this to
  3. willowsdad

    willowsdad Sideways

  4. AlexGSi2000

    AlexGSi2000 Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    Hmm, to be honest it just looks like an intense injector cleaner.
    Im sceptical about stuff like this that's found in cans.
    Im sure a good quality fuel with an additive would do the same but over a greater length of time.

    Cant see this product cleaning the intake side of things either (cue B7 RS4)

    Just looks like an american company have gone into partnership with a British TV show to promote the brand - abit like those "steel seal" adverts you see from time to time.
  5. spannah

    spannah Member

    Thanks for all your responses, that link from willowsdad was the one. Very informative too. Anyway i found the link to the firm that offers the service in the uk. Definately worth a shot especially for cars hitting 100k miles.
    Welcome to Terraclean
  6. benjie

    benjie Well-Known Member

    I live v close to this guy and I have to say I'm interested. My car's on 123k, I have owned it from 80k and I know it had done mostly short journeys before that. I'm also quite skeptical, but the results speak for themselves, both on Wheeler Dealers and the guy on the Legacy forum (though I'd want to see the print out). No fuel treatment will lower emissions by that much, that quickly and I don't have the luxury of having owned my car for its first 5 years. I think £110 is a bit steep though for something that is largely unproven, though someone has to do it first! Might speak to a few friends and see if I can't get a group discount or something.
  7. Crazyfool

    Crazyfool Lead boot

    I took the convertible to Bracknell Service Centre | Grease Junkie Service Centre last week. It's one of Ed Chinas garages. Unfortunately they didn't take any readings, but I've driving the car for a few days now and noticed that it runs smoother, performance is up slightly and the exhaust fumes don't seem to give off such a pungent smell.

    What I'm really interested in is mpg, which I should get a feel for when I next fill up and emissions.

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