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Engine cutting out...

slabber Jan 7, 2009

  1. slabber

    slabber New Member

    Hi Folks

    Grateful for any help with a problem on my 1998 A6 2.8Q tip saloon: On a couple of occasions after a long run the engine has cut out when slowing down to a crawl (eg for a slow manoeuvre like a tight corner). The engine starts again no problem after cutting out.

    Car is regularly serviced, and additionally has had a brand new MAF fitted and the throttle body cleaned in the past few months to fix a problem where the engine would occasionally ‘cough’ when under load. (Although this problem is not totally cured as the engine still coughs once in a while.)

    Has anyone any suggestions as to what might need attention to fix the cutting out problem? I’ve checked for engine fault codes with VAG-COM but none are registered.


    Cheers - Graham
  2. quattro25years

    quattro25years Member

    hi graham , i have similar problem,

    (i have 2.8 quattro), engine starts fine , after driving a few minutes(no specific time), if i slow down to stop at a junction somtimes the engine cuts out....or sometimes has to hunt to find the rigth tick over speed.

    the problem is intermittant.

    go to restart engine after engine cuts and its ok ,

    did you get yours fixed ?

    kind regards


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