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Engine cut out whilst on motorway a few times? anyone any idea's?

A4 3.2 cab Apr 26, 2012

  1. A4 3.2 cab

    A4 3.2 cab New Member

    The problem started last week whilst I was on my way to portsmouth, on the M40 just before a junction the engine cuts out. Luckily for me I did the right thing and turned the key in the barell and back again to get a restart whilst in motion.
    Not sure if thats good or not, but got me out of trouble. then hassle free for another 50/60 miles.
    a few days later again the same problem but this time I am in Northern spain climbing and descending mountains, but got the car to restart in motion.
    My only thought goes with the fuel, I had no choice but to use 95 RON fuel when the fuel stations ran out of V-power, so the problem started with the 95 RON fuel in the tank.
    I only drive my car 2 miles return to work, so always cold engine.
    After 3 tank fulls of 98 RON driving back from Spain (930 miles) I had no problems at all.
    did not want to drive back but the ferry got scared of the rough sea's.

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