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Engine cut out 2.0T

Phantom_A4 Jan 11, 2012

  1. Phantom_A4

    Phantom_A4 Member

    Good morning guys.

    re: 2.0T DTM

    Car started perfectly fine, ticked over for a few minutes and attempted to drive in to work. About 1/2 a mile down the road, the engine completely cut out.....I tried turning the ignition but nothing came up except the abs/tcs light which was slightly flickering, wouldnt tick over at all.

    I took the keys out and attempted to lock it remotely but nothing, the needles on the clocks were flicking below zero for some strange reason. Car locked fine with the key. I disconnected to battery completely and left it for 5 minutes, reconnected and it fired up perfectly fine. ESP light was on for the first 10m or so, then the check brakes light flashed on.

    Not sure if anyone has seen or had this problem before?
  2. hades-

    hades- Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    was the batt conection nice and tight ?
    i had this on a a6 last week been useing it all day cut out after 300 mile lights flickering etc was the neg batt connector loose
  3. sewell10

    sewell10 Member

    check your battery mate i hade a problem with mine starting poor and warning lights coming on battery gave up renewed it now all ok
  4. outsideline

    outsideline Active Member

    you might have a problem with the smart charge system on the car?? if there is any voltage drop on the car electrical system first thing to fire up are abs warning lights.

    have you checked what charge rate is coming out of the back of the altinator??? should be around 14.00, then check the charge rate back at the batttery, if there is a significant drop between the 2 then you have a problem some where.

    if the altinator isnt putting out 14.00 the car will automatically take power away from different areas to keep the car running.

    hope this helps.....
  5. Phantom_A4

    Phantom_A4 Member

    Thanks for your help guys, definitely seems to be an odd power issue. I have bought a new Bosch S4 to go in her as I think the battery is giving up the ghost. Going to get the alternator checked as I believe it's the original one too, so probably on it's last legs.

    I appreciate your time on this guys, thank you. She seems to be running 'ok' for the time being. :)

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