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engine code question??

nky_84 Feb 23, 2007

  1. nky_84

    nky_84 6th Gear

    from lookingat the faq

    Date: 09/00 - 04/02
    Emission: VVT, EU3
    Throttle: drive-by-wire
    Injectors: big
    Turbo: K04

    Date: 08/01 - 05/02
    Emission: VVT (check), EU3
    Throttle: drive-by-wire
    Injectors: big
    Turbo: K04

    Why do the dates overlap? Does this mean a later car can have the AMK 210bhp, than an an early 225?

    Im lookingat buying an s3 advertised as a 225,first registered 10/1/02. where on the car do i check the code? I have the cars chassis number, could audi tell me if its a 225 from that, without me having to contact the seller?
  2. monkeytrousers

    monkeytrousers Member

    The engine code is printed on a sticker in the spare wheel compartment (under the boot floor). I'm sure a genuine seller won't mind checking it for you.

    The dates do overlap, yes, presumably because Audi were still selling AMK stock after they started making BAM. Remember the date is the date on sale, not the date of manufacture. Mine is March 2002 and it's BAM.

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