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Engine check light on

gPuzz Sep 12, 2013

  1. gPuzz

    gPuzz New Member


    Last night a friend of mine replaced the "throttle" and cleaned the egr valve.
    The car was more responsive on the throttle and all in all felt better.

    For some reason, the ECON was on, wich means the ac unit doesnt work, he said that ac fan 1 come up as faulty on the vagcom, wich is ok, but when i turned of the ignition and fired it back up, the ECON was off and the AC seemed to work?!?

    The main concern is that the check engine light is now on, the car runs fine as it did last night, but the check engine light worries me, because this car has been an headache from the getgo.

    I dont have vagcom available here at work, and im sitting here and wondering what can be wrong this time?

    any ideas?

    Kind Regards
  2. Sevv

    Sevv Pushing the limits..

    did he replace the throttle body if so maybe he didn't have it closed when he put it on ? check the wires are in properly.. your best bet is VCDS.. and take it to a workshop it might be a small issue and turn into a big one
  3. gPuzz

    gPuzz New Member

    I have talked to him, the fan the comes up in CVDS as faulty also has the function of cooling the engine, he will take a look at it tonight. ill keep u posten, thanks for the advice btw.

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