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Engine bay part. Can you ident? 18T

qawsed Mar 28, 2010

  1. qawsed

    qawsed Member

    Just noticed a part is broken in the engine bay,think from last service.I have no idea what is is and can not get a photo posted.Does this ring any bells?

    18T 2003. Looking into the engine bay from the front thereis a flat plastic duct that is diagonal from left h/light to laft wing.behind this duck is a round componant with pipes connected.1 pencil size ,i thumb size.This is the componant that is damage.The outer rubber jacket is broken and this holds the part the duct area i think.
    Is the rubber jacket a seperate part OR does it come complete. i have no idea what the componant is so perhaps the rubber jacket is important.Would like to now so i can replace.

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