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Engine Bay Cleaning

BlueSpark Jun 7, 2013

  1. BlueSpark

    BlueSpark 6th Gear

    Just Wondering how you guys clean your engine bays. Can you jet wash it or steam clean?? Mine is filthy and needs a good bit of attention lol
  2. spats

    spats New Member

    I've seen people jet wash after laying on products like gunk but just with the engine running and being careful.

    with the engine running they can spot if its having issues and stop spraying to see what's what.

    personally I've stuck to just engine degreaser and an old sponge with a gentle wash off with a water can or low pressure hose. But more labour intensive but safer. Also worth thinking about where your parked and where the oily and mucky water will drain off too. Doing it over some fancy brick work probably isn't the best way to do it!

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