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engine and gearbox mounts???????

Big Bang Yam Jan 12, 2013

  1. Big Bang Yam

    Big Bang Yam Member

    hi all, since having my prop shaft replaced ive had a constant noise which sounds like something rubbing on the prop,,, had a look theres a slight mark on the doughnut and the shaft as it passes over the steering rack. all the heat sheilds seems to have plenty of room though. the other thing that bothers me is the prop isnt on the same axis as the transfer box....i would say the back of the engine needs to raised to take it away from the rack and bring the prop and transfer box on the same line?
    i changed the the dog bone mount to a powerflex yellow one and it was a right git to line up.almost to say it was slighty to long with the new powerflex rubbers??? is there anywhere that supplies just the rubbers for the gearbox and engine mount?

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