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Eng judder

Schod Jul 18, 2010

  1. Schod

    Schod New Member

    A6 1995/6 1984cc pet ABK manual transmission saloon.

    There is a intermittant jolt/judder throughout the rev range.
    At idle the eng can almost stop and then abruptly pick up again, this action has a similar signature to the intermitant jolt/judder within the rpm range.

    It seems more like an electrical cut out/in, although it could be a fuel cut out/in.
    At idle the action is quick. It does not seem to slow down slowly as a fuel cut out may do.
    The engine seems to almost stop quickly and then with a jolt pick up quickly to idle.
    At rpm above idle a jolt /judder is noticable which is less noticable at higher rpm.

    In another forum it is mentioned that a spike was found at a coil.
    Does anyone know how to test for the electrical spike using a multimeter?
    It has been suggested that basic settings need doing, does this yr have basic settings?

    Do these engines run at 90 degrees C?
    I had put in a temp' sensor from another eng and it showed about 50 degress C on the guage.

    Some yrs ago I self checked the sensors and found relay 30 (eng' contr'l relay) was damaged.

    This could be an OBD 1 compliant engine.
    It is very difficult to find specific info re this car/eng.
    Got various bits of info.

    Thank you for any suggestions.
  2. sc_001

    sc_001 New Member

    I have a 1994 audi 80 sport, engine code ABK & I may have the same problem.

    I reciently changed the engine & thats when the problem started. The new engine is identical to the last so I'm sure its an electrical fault.

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