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Endless problems and already cost me 2k in 5 months - and still issues :(

Jonahjones26 Jun 12, 2013

  1. Jonahjones26

    Jonahjones26 Member

    I am having endless problems with my A4 1.8T sline (190) - (cvt)

    i looked for 6 moths had 2 long hour test drives checked all history all tied up with audi records, genuine mileage 66k, all worked spot on for 2 month then....

    firstly the tensioner pully had to be replaced £200
    then the 6 plate cluch/gearbox had to be replaced for the later 7 plate box £1680
    then the coolant tank split (done for free as i spend so much at much at local garage)

    now today when accellerating i get a constant judder/loss of power (have been told verbally by my garage its not the box and if it feels like a loss of power in all gears will probably be the coil pack?????)

    i will be ringing audi in the morning to see if this can be done for free via the recall (campaign no. 28E9) if not god know how much that is going to cost or indeed if thats the problem (garage will check the codes tomorrow morning)

    oh & drinks oil 1litre every 1500 miles

    oh and the rear sensors dont work now......unbelievable

    The car is great when it works but i certainly wont be getting another.

    Gutted! & skint!
  2. donsajid

    donsajid Member

    who did your 7 plate conversion? this job should be £1200 and that is inclusive of VAT....
  3. Ian2012

    Ian2012 Active Member

    i hate to say it but you have been unlucky, the oil consumption is within limits but it depends on what oil you use and the grade, i have uses millers oils 5w40 xfs in both our 1.8t engined cars and neither has used a drop between changes.
  4. Jonahjones26

    Jonahjones26 Member

    Vastec Audi specialist in wawarwick audi part was £978 on its own plus 8l gearbox oil @ 15.65 per litre the time for the works and software update?

    Have I been done on price because Audi wanted 2.5k
  5. Andie0

    Andie0 Member

    I hope youo get this new problem sorted and that it gives you no trouble from there on out
  6. s-line style

    s-line style Member

    same engine and car as mine I got told they were "reliable" mines having problems and this. me mams had a diesel corsa that's never been serviced for 7 years and runs sweet...... wtf??
  7. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    That's low mileage cars for you - very hard on all the mechanicals
  8. 666markyboy

    666markyboy Well-Known Member

    Low mileage equals short trips never getting warm, stopping and starting.... not good .... high mileage equals motorways , hot and no stop start..... my wife has a Tigra B 2005 model on 30,000 miles and it rattles it's **** of when you start it and has let us down twice this year.... i have 2 high mileage Audis , A3 and A4 quatty's and they do 80 miles a day on the motorway and they run so sweet... the A3 is a 1.8 20vT and that is especially quiet...... low mileage means nothing to me when I'm buying a car
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  9. quattrojames

    quattrojames Moderator Staff Member Moderator Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    Unfortunately you have two of Audi's most fragile developments, the 1.8T engine (oil pick up issues) and the multitronic gearbox.

    Audi's are many things, but guaranteed reliable they aren't unfortunately. If it's any consolation, I had two engines in as many weeks a couple of years ago...
  10. madmike01uk

    madmike01uk Member

    The 1.8t's are hardly unreliable, seen one in the US that had done 500k miles lol. The only issue is the oil pick up that VAG should have made a serviceable item, and people who drive them when the oil light is on thinking its okay and safe.

    You need to get your car scanned, you can buy a simple scanner for around £20 and check for codes. What were you symptoms of cvt clutch failure?

    i love my 190 s line CVT, drove to the O2 arena last night for a gig, was a joy to drive and relaxing in traffic, also averaged 43mpg on the way there.

    You seem to have done all the right things on your test drive but just got unlucky, I took mine out for,about 15 mins, checked the gearbox was fine which it was, and haven't had any mechanical issues whatsoever.

    hope you get it sorted cheaply mate.
  11. quattrojames

    quattrojames Moderator Staff Member Moderator Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    I didn't say it was unreliable, I said it was 'fragile' - there's a difference.
  12. AlexGSi2000

    AlexGSi2000 Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    Unfortunatley its luck of the draw with 2nd hand cars.
    Some may not want for anything, some may want for lots. Baring in mind the B6 is getting fairly old now.

    I purchased my 2.5TDi last year. So far I have spent near what I paid for it in parts.
    I do plan on keeping the car as long as I possibly can though - so that justified it for me.
  13. Jonahjones26

    Jonahjones26 Member

    thanks for for the advice guys,

    I have had the car scanned this morning which show 2 no. Egnition coils failure

    so called Audi and they have confirmed this will be done via the recall and booked in next Wednesday.

    as for someone asked about the symptoms for the 6 clutch failure it was confirmed by a number of specialist I went too inc Audi Stratford. Bascilly when pulling off it juddered would roll back on hills and you could here the plates trying to find a gear ( if you know what I mean). I could have got it done cheaper but Vastec have a good reputation were up front and explained what they would be doing showed me the parts during and after the process and have offered yearly checks and gear box oil changes as long as I own the car and a free service inc parts in 3000 miles. Plus the money I would have saved in travel and hire cars etc work out about the same.

    i just hope this is the end to the problems now as I check fluids oils etc on a weekly basis.
  14. Jonahjones26

    Jonahjones26 Member

    Audi didn't replace the ignition coils as they were the correct parts apparently but I knew 2 were faulty so I asked if they would check them and I will just pay for them to be replaced!
    Get a call later saying there are no error codes and the car is running fine. No point in relaxing them they said?
    So barely making it to my local vag garage told them what happened they replace the faulty coils £80 and job done! Runs perfect.

    Lets hope that's the last of my issues ?!?!
  15. docurley

    docurley Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    You dont need a garage to replace a coil pack they take two minutes to do your self and Audi (last time I checked) sell them quite cheap.
  16. donsajid

    donsajid Member

    I know inde tech in Milton Keynes charge 1000 + vat so I'd say you been had. Nothing you can do about it now though...
  17. tom2

    tom2 Member

    Had a 1.8tq 190 for about 18-20 months now, ours too drinks oil, had 6 coil packs die, 3 vacuum leaks, abs failure, glovebox lid fell off, clutch, fuel pump, front suspension arm (something like that) ball joint sheared off, all the light clusters let in water and its slower than my brothers passat 170 diesel.

    Got it booked in for a service and valet next week at a local audi specialist then it's straight on eBay with no reserve. Just bought a mondeo titanium x for £6k, done 20 miles in it and I already prefer it to the audi.

    hopefully that's just my experience of audis.

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