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Endless Niggles on my Black Edition Avant...

naughts4187 Dec 16, 2012

  1. naughts4187

    naughts4187 Well-Known Member

    Hello All I'm beginning to get sick of my A4, only had it since March but it's driving me mad with really silly and annoying niggles. Has anyone else had these or am I really unlucky?

    Firstly I would like to point out that Audi replaced the whole MMI joystick unit in the centre console because someone at Audi spilt coffee on it just before I picked it up....

    Here's my list of small but really niggly faults:
    1. From time to time my B&O settings will default back to standard, no bass, treble etc.
    2. Rear left speaker from behind parcel shelf suddenly distorts and plays a static noise at what can only be described as the loudest thing on earth....ever. I have to drive around with the MMI switched off for a couple of days for it to settle
    3. My AC constantly un sync's from dual to individual climate...even though I never touch it.
    4. Switching between media and nav and radio can sometimes take up to 10 seconds after the button is pressed.
    5. Rear parcel shelf squeaks over every single bump.
    6. Headlight washer jets constantly get stuck out after use.
    7. My front alloys have gone cloudy all over with a white residue (although these have been repaired by Audi I feel very badly)
    This car is a 2011 September car pre facelift and has recently been in Harrogate Audi for over a week where all they could diagnose was the washer jets, which have now subsequently gone back to sticking out. So out of all my niggles which it went in for, they couldn't fault anything and the one they did repair has now gone back to how it was.

    Has anyone else had any of these issues on such a new car?
  2. Bigslope

    Bigslope Member

    I had the problem with the washer jets sticking out.
    Belfast Audi sorted it first time saying that they just needed to sand a lip of the cover that causes it to stick.

    That was about 6 months ago and they have been grand.

    I hope you get all the bits sorted
  3. johnnythepie

    johnnythepie Well-Known Member

    I too had head light washer probs....they are hydraulic and are succeptible to sticking open or popping ouy when the water freezes (make sure have good anti freeze washer fluid )
    The rear parcel shelf is a real pain in the ****....Im on my second now and its started again.Its the shhitty retaining lugs that dont fit properly.Ive fixed mine by putting blu tack on the underside of the shelf before re-fitting.

    Sounds like they needed to replace a bit more of the console if in fact they did in the first place

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