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End of my TDI 170 Problems :-)

jaygeezer871 Aug 7, 2012

  1. jaygeezer871

    jaygeezer871 Member

    The car is a 56' Tdi 170 with 58k miles.
    Owned the car three years and had all the common problems.
    The injectors and loom replaced, reimbursed by Audi.
    Cleaned the EGR a couple of months ago.
    Had the engine shudder issue for a couple of years.
    Recently developed a sort of dry bearing whine on lift off acceleration and hesitant between 1600-1800 rpm.
    Paid £350 for a aftermarket warranty.
    Car became very sluggish so she was taken to a German car indy.
    Diagnosis clutch and dual mass flywheel, cost £1080 inclusive.
    Repairs authorised subject to photo's of the DMF being sent to the warranty company.
    Just got the car back, she is purring, no shudder or hesitancy.
    Wrranty Direct are sending me £760 so very happy.
  2. Richardesty

    Richardesty loves quattro

    Based on the thread title, I thought you were gonna say you'd sold it!


    I've also had all the problems that you've suffered......very dissapointing
  3. V6 Quatt

    V6 Quatt Well-Known Member

    Good you got it sorted..headache
  4. tr3m5

    tr3m5 Audi Newbie

    When you say sluggish do you mean generally underpowered or was it something specific?

    Glad you got it fixed, it's nice to hear that one of these aftermarket warrantee claims actually went through successfully too.

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