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Enabling both trip displays??

mikemk4gti Jul 22, 2012

  1. mikemk4gti

    mikemk4gti Member

    Is it possible to enable both trip displays on the dash like mk4 golfs have.
    So you can show all your current journey averages mpg etc on option 1, then switch to option 2 to see your total mpg etc?

    I have vagcom but cant see anything in the settigns to change it, also looked at the ross tech wiki but could see anything there either.
  2. Tooks

    Tooks Active Member

    I had a look at trying to get mine to do this too, so it was like my old A4.

    Alas, even recoding it as per the guide on the VCDS software, it just defaulted back to long term only.

    The button on the DIS stalk just cycles the display on or off.

    Im presuming the A3 8L doesn't have the dual DIS memory feature?
  3. mikemk4gti

    mikemk4gti Member

    Ok thanks, was hoping it was possible but had a feeling it probably wouldn't. Do the full fis golfs have both trip 1 & 2 ?

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