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EMTuning - Audi A3 DPF Delete Package

v1raj Oct 14, 2011

  1. v1raj

    v1raj Member

    So for the past couple of weeks my DPF sensor has been throwing up errors on the DIS. I had gone through the various methods of clearing the faults.. Some days it worked, some days it didn't. So, i decided to get the DPF removed.

    EMTuning (Welcome To EMTuning - ECU Tuning, Vehicle Lighting, ECU remaps, HID and LED Lighting Kits) are local to me so it was a natural choice to chose them, plus having an excellent reputation for quality maps and customer service.

    They guys were friendly and helpful in discussing the various options available.

    The total work lasted around 3/4 hours. This included:

    The labour to remove and fit the DPF.
    Removal of errors produced.
    Installation of remap to suit needs.

    The end result is amazing! The car is now pushing 215-220bhp and 330lbs of torque. Gear changes appear to be smoother, revs go all the way to redline instead of maxing out at 4k. Fuel economy seems to have improved too. I regularly commute to Nottingham from Northampton (75 miles) and used to see on average 48-50mpg each way. Since the delete, 55-57mpg is quite easy to achieve.

    Total package was £569 - quite a bit cheaper than many other companies so that was an added bonus :happy:

    Pros:A lot more power
    Smoother gear changes
    Better fuel economy

    Tad more smoke
    Very tempting floor it

    All in all im more than happy with the new setup and can’t recommend them enough!
  2. Rob-Quattro

    Rob-Quattro Member

    Brilliant write up! Glad your happy with the results! Makes me want it done even more! Will wait to see if the new MOT rules say DPF deletion is passable first.
  3. jrsteeve

    jrsteeve Member

    Is your turbo a bit noisier now? Had mine done and can agree with all of the above, but do get a bit of a whine/siren-ish noise, not too loud though. Been told it's almost certainly due to the exhaust gasses resonating in the downpipe which is now open without restriction, but still a little concerned given the number of these that go wrong -turbos, injectors etc.

    Definitely finding i'm using the paddles more on my s-tronic but loving it!

    Rob - most use the original parts, just literally remove the filter and weld it back up neatly so they'd have to open it up to check = MOT no problem.
  4. Chappy

    Chappy Call me Dan! Audi A5

    That is cheap! I will seriously consider it after the new MOT rules are confirmed.
    Be interesting to see how it performs on a newer common rail engine :)

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