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rjheger Feb 9, 2012

  1. rjheger

    rjheger New Member

    I just bought this 98 1.8t and cant get it to pass emissions. Dont know too much bout audis and the guy i bought it from skiped titles so did never get it plated or drive it even so knows nothing bout it. I know its got a garrett t3t4 but dont know the model wich sucks cuz it needs a rebuild. It has a bov unknowen make and has a big ass front mount and 3 inch turbo back exhaust. I just had a custom intake built cuz it was leakin boost from hell with the ghetto setup the guy had on it and had the cat reinstalled for emissions. I failed on co,s and hc. I read about a spark plug fauler mod for the o2 sensor? I was goin to try this and throw some e85 in it to run emissions. Does anybody know the correct ratio? It sucks cuz i really know nothing bout the aftermarket on this car and am hoping later if i get some pics that u all might be able to help me identify some things? But first the emissions is my main concern.. thanks ahead for some advice.
  2. aragorn

    aragorn "Stick a V8 in it!" Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    What are the HC and CO values?

    It could be an air leak, bad lambda sensor or bad MAF.

    The defouler mod is only for the second lambda sensor on later cars that have been decatted, your '98 wont have this second lambda, you cannot use it on the main lambda sensor.

    You probably need to get yourself a vagcom lead and scan the ECU for fault codes to see if theres anything wrong with it.

    Also, this forum is primarily UK based, if you visit Audizine then you might find someone local to you that can check the car over, or has the required kit to scan it for codes.

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