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Emissions Light Been On For 2nd Time, Please Help :( Got Some Codes

Phil_T Oct 4, 2010

  1. Phil_T

    Phil_T Revo Stage 2+ Audi S3

    As above firstly came on & stayed on back at the end of July when I got home after a 3000 mile jouney on Modball round europe. Took it to Audi & I picked it up the same day for them to tell me it was a "sporadic" fault & could just be cleared. I said what could cause this & they said maybe it was all the diffrent types of fuel I was putting in on my trip (even thought I had superunleaded in but from different brands)

    Now today it came on & stayed on again when I went home at dinner. I rung Audi to book it in but cant get me in till next Weds which I said isnt no good as I dont know if I can drive the car or not (btw car felt like it wasnt pulling as hard) so they told me to call out Audi assist. The guy came out did the scan which both screens said the below (I took pics to show audi or anyone)

    btw they have cleared the fault for now told me to go for a drive down motorway for 15mins which I did & gave it a good thrashing & everything seems fine but that still doesnt stop the fact this has appeared twice so something must be up

    First screen after scan

    01 - Engine electronics

    1 fault/notes detected

    08584 P2188 008

    Bank 1 fuel metering system, system too rich at idling speed


    Then the next screen said the below which gives ideas as to what it could be

    - Bank1, lambda control system too rich

    - Injector leaking

    - N80 - ACF system solenoid valve 1, act

    - N80 - ACF system solenoid valve 1, elec

    - Unmetered air downstream of air mass meter

    - fuel in engine oil

    The current mods I have is revo stage 1, evoms intake, forge dv, sachs clutch & autotech fuel pump but i dont have an exhaust could this be restricting it?

    Any ideas as I am getting quite worried now & that its the second time. Was going to spend more money on it this month too but really need some help & ideas please guys
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2010
  2. IanS3

    IanS3 Interweb creep

    Last time my emmissions light came on I had a broken lamda sensor, it could be simple like that but I don't know what the error codes you posted up mean.
  3. Phil_T

    Phil_T Revo Stage 2+ Audi S3

    Any one else?
  4. paddy

    paddy Audi=No fault code, no idea Team Ibis Audi S3 Black Edition DSG

    Are you sure about that fault code ? its not listed ?
  5. Phil_T

    Phil_T Revo Stage 2+ Audi S3

    Ye its from when audi scanned it

    P2188 - System too Rich at Idle

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