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Emission Control System Light

nwells Dec 19, 2009

  1. nwells

    nwells New Member

    Hi Troops.

    Today after returning home the Emission Control System Light popped up, Any ideas?

    Does anyone close to Canvey Island wont to pop over with a V.A.G controller to help solve the issue?

    Im now to worried to drive it anywhere, it sitting at home wondering what wrong with it, it was only serviced 4 months ago

    Audi workshop is now shut till Monday. MONDAY!!

    Thanks very much.
  2. nwells

    nwells New Member

    Any ideas ideas on what is wrong with it?
    Can we drive it?
  3. PetrolDave

    PetrolDave Well-Known Member

    Does the light go away when you restart it? If it does then it was only a temporary fault - it will have been stored so you can see what it was with VAG-COM.

    What causes the light to come on - literally hundreds of different things. You cannot guess the cause, you have to do a fault code scan using VAG-COM.
  4. tedster

    tedster New Member

    my emissions light is on permanantley at the moment as i had multiple coil pack failure a few weeks ago causing unburnt petrol to go threw the cat so i need a new cat which i believe is over 500 notes from audi plus vat which i aint happy about. garage where i take it said it aint a massive problem and wont effect the performance or economy of the car my emissions may be slightly out but thats about it. The sensors in my opinion are over sensitive anyway the other day i was sitting in my car waiting for the mrs when the person next to me opened there car door on me and hey presto the airbag light came out!!
  5. ghostrider1

    ghostrider1 New Member

    Hi there, sorry unable to start new post on this, however I have a similar fault if anyone can assist. or not sure if it is even a fault! I tooK my instrument cluster lights out to try find a rattle. After putting it all back together I see my emission light is on at first stage, all other lights go out and the battery, handbrake and emission lights are on, the emission was is the one I cannot mind if its supposed to be on with them. It goes out once started ok. So is that normal?

    Hope you can help
    Many thanks guys
  6. jwhat

    jwhat Member VCDS Map User

    I think it's normal for it to stay on when the ignition is turned on but the car is not started.

    On another note, my car has developed a rattle from the cluster area too, how did you remedy the rattle?
  7. solaris

    solaris Member

    My Emission light came on recently, it was reset but after a few day it re-appeared. After some investigation it turned out to be a problem with the cat. Luckily i had only owned the car for a week and a waranty was included as part of the sale so the Garage (Fontain Motors) replaced it.

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