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Emission Control System a6 2.5tdi avante v6

Keggers Nov 26, 2012

  1. Keggers

    Keggers Member

    Just on my way home about half hour ago when driving at 60 mph there was a slight jump from the car for a split second then all was normal, no loss of power and the car was as smooth as normal, the emission control system light has come on and and stays on even after turning the ignition off and back on? any ideas,,,not having much lucl with this motor even though its only done 49000, could it be linked to the problem i have with the coolant temp gauge intermittently not working?:sob:
  2. TYphoon GB

    TYphoon GB Active Member

    Its kind of repeating but you need a Vag Com (VCDS) scan. Only that will show the fault code and hence suggest the cause(s).
    If you can't access from a mate of through the forum its a free download from Ross Tech and a cable from ebay....
    Emission control scans the temp sensors so yes they are probably linked.

    Oh and its a just Audi....been driving a new A4 TDI this week, high spec and only 2k miles. In 600 miles it cuts out at low speed, I have engine light, steering fault warning, sticky sat nav controls and multiple tyre pressure warnings.... lucky it belongs to Avis!!

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