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Emission Control Light Query @ Dealership

LeeBearley Jul 28, 2012

  1. LeeBearley

    LeeBearley New Member


    Recently this light appeared on my dash [​IMG]

    For those that don't know what it is, "Emission Control Light" which apparently isn't harmful to the car but might affect your MPG (of which I've seen no change).

    Anyway.. I took it to my local Audi Garage in Peterborough. I'll quote the service slip I was given after they examined the car.

    "Checked for ENG Light on driving ok, Found fault stored with Intake Manifold Flap Motor Seized, Requires NEW. PART 038128063L x1 £279.74 PLUS VAT 0.9 Labour £449.08 Inc for above fault"

    Now I only know how to drive the thing and I've seen the technical genius of the people on this forum so I thought I'd give it to the floor and see what you guys think? I've heard mixed reviews from Audi Dealership Garages.. whether or not they're trying to take advantage of me.. or another Dealership that will be cheaper? any input is welcome and appreciated, thanks.
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