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Ello from Scotland

r777jbm Apr 23, 2011

  1. r777jbm

    r777jbm Princess Audi

    Hi I was on here along time ago when i had my A5 but kinda dropped off the forum scene.

    Im Jen from Aberdeen, but float between here and Glasgow alot.

    So saying i'm getting back to good health I was looking at a Audi A5 cab. Told one out for a test drive but really couldnt get past the fact that I LOVED my A4 cab which the A5 is based on. Plus the 3.2 engine well I couldnt really see a way to improve it so... I decided on a 2005 A4 3L V6 Cabriolet B7 and very excited about picking it up in a couple of weeks!!

    This is a bit of a let down as im hoping to go to GTI Inters in June so doesnt give me much time to get things ready but I'm basically going to collect all the bits then set aside a weekend of just getting it ready for heading down.

    BBS are sitting waiting to go on, and considering swapping out the grille/bumper to the 2008 one to make it look like the new shape but undecided on this option but i could then smooth the front and have sucker holds for my plate so when it comes to shows i can whip it off. Also ordered some KW coils for a new ride hight.

    Plus ill be popping over to see Ben @ Shark to get it remapped :2thumbsup:

    Here are a couple of pics from the advert and to say im excited about how Robert can turn this one around is a understatement!!




    Roll on the ace summer *toot* *toot*
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2011
  2. jackj

    jackj Member

    :sign_welcome: to ASN!

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