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Elite1000 @ Festival Place (Basingstoke) 12th April 2011

MORGAN0000 Apr 6, 2011

  1. MORGAN0000

    MORGAN0000 New Member

    Hi all,

    Here we are again, our 2nd meeting at Festival Place is due on the 12th of April.

    All are welcome and this time there will be clear direction in the form of brightly coloured large arrows showing the way to the car park.

    On entering Festival Place car park, please keep left and drive up the first ramp. At the top of the ramp turn right which will lead you to another ramp on the right.

    Drive up this ramp and at the top turn right. Look to the opposite side of the car park where there is a divider. Look for the gap in the divider which will bring you to the far side where we will be gathered. We do have the use of the complete level so where you park is down to you.

    Like on the first meeting I have vouchers for 10% off with Burger King.

    All “enthusiasts (BMW’s, Merc’s, Porsche etc...)”will be welcome, Corsa, Astra,Saxo’s or any of the usual boy racers will be turned away.

    Drives safely and I will see you from 7pm.


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