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Elite Garage Services in Newbury

langtonr Jan 4, 2005

  1. langtonr

    langtonr Member

    anybody ever used Elite garage services in Newbury?

    My engine management light has come on and Ridgeway Audi (who have been really helpful on the phone) couldn't spare 10 minutes to take a look at it (after telling me to take it in for them to have a look)

    Thinking of taking it to Elite this afternoon, but wondered if anyone had any experience of them?
  2. funkycat

    funkycat Member

    Check your brake lights are working. This happend on my old A4 about a month ago. Apparently one of the checks is does is the brake lights/bulbs working, if not, its comes with a ESP fault light as the system obviously cant repair a blown bulb.

    Just a thought, save you a few quid if it is, as you can change the bulb yourself. Audi charged me £56, but by the time I knew what the problem was it was 6ft up in air in thier service bay, so a little late to say no! I'll know for next time though!

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