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Electrical problem!!

little_lockyer Oct 12, 2009

  1. little_lockyer

    little_lockyer Lockyer89

    Hi chaps!

    As the title reads, Electrical problem! Great! :icon_thumright:
    I've not long brought an a3 1.8t...x reg...lovely condition, reallly pleased with it! But after driving it litterally a couple hours, my oil level sensor warning light came on, and the enging managment light...i drove home straight away, checked the oil but was fine, there was plenty of oil there! Then i noticed the speedo died, the trip computer stopped counting...not a bad thing!lol and the reversing light doesn't work...checked the fuses, i think it was fuse 7 (10A) but could be wrong, will double check later, this one has blown...therefore all these problems at once! I have not yet checked the earth point as i need to locate it, could anyone help on this one!? When i replace the fuse, everything seems to work ok for a short while until it goes again, i haven't noticed any trend i.e. blows when i put in reverse! Just can't seem to put my finger on it!!
    Phoned Audi, £110 for the first hour, then if need be and hourly rate after that, but this being probably a silly little problem, i'm not just going to give my money away!
    So just wondering whether anyone could point me in the right direction, or if anyone has had a similar problem...!?
    Greatful for any help...Cheers

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