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Electrical problem A3

neverfear Jan 3, 2010

  1. neverfear

    neverfear New Member

    Hello to all
    I am new to all this so i`ll do my best
    I`m working on an 01 A3 petrol that firstly had the temp needle going from normal to over heating and back again ,i changed all 3 temp sensors , 2 on thermostat housing and 1 on the radiator,even though it seem to help it didn,t cure the problem, now 6 weeks later the external fan comes on before engine reaches 30 degrees and stays on even after turning off ignition , stays on untill battery dies. I`ve changed fan relay , opened and checked fan control unit,my computer keeps bringing up the same fault sayin engine coolant temp sensor signal incorrect ,checked all the wiring , could it be the ecu .
    If anyone could throw any light on the subject i would really appreciate it,i am a mechanic and rearly give up but this one just being tough :sos:
    Happy newyear to all.

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