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Electrical, headunit or avants rear sub

gruf Dec 5, 2009

  1. gruf

    gruf Member

    Can anyone help, avant with rear sub

    i have a kenwood DVD headunit its a kvt-522
    Ive had it in for about 10 months.
    the problem is that every now and then it keeps turning off the subwoofer,
    the man at kenwood said it could be the way i have it wired up, its connected to ISO leads so cant see how i got that bit wrong and yes i did swap the yellow and red for permanent live.
    it is half amplified (rear door speakers and subwoofer) and there is one of the them converters on the wiring that lets the rear sub and rear speakers work off a after market headunit, i didn't buy this it was already there from the last owner so I'm not sure if it the correct one, but on a good week everything works fine.
    what i need to know is are the fellas from kenwood lying to me about the wiring coz the memory for radio stations and eq are ok and don't get lost, its just every now and then the sub turns off.
    has anyone had a similar problem, if so could you help.
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2009
  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    I would ditch the converter, as you don't need it. They are prone to hiss, interference and probably cutting out. All you need instead is a PC9-404 adapter which will feed the rear amp & sub a clean preout signal rather than a bastardised one that's been amped then de-amped only to be amped again. It just runs off the rear RCA's from the Kenwood rather than the rear speaker output. You should really rewire the rears as the poxy audi amp is less than half the power and quality of the rear amp inside the Kenwood. Then use the PC9-404 to just feed the sub from the sub pre-out if you have one.
    Also check the flying lead on the adapter is making good contact with the power antenna or remote on feed from the Kenwood as if this is interrupted then it will cut the power to the rear/sub amp.
  3. gruf

    gruf Member

    AndyMac, Thank you...
    i better start saying sorry to Kenwood as well, Ive been telling them its all there fault and they sold me a dud headunit...oopppsss
    i will take it apart after Christmas and do what you say.
    i had a look at a pc9-404 and its not the same as the one i have, i will change that and go with your advice after Christmas, i was thinking that i should just run the back speakers straight into the ISO lead so they will be connected the same way as the front (is this what ya meant).
    hope you don't mind but after Christmas i will give you a pm if i get stuck.
    i should be OK its just the rear sub i might need a bit if advice on.
    Thanks Mate

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