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Electrical Gremlins...............

macninja Aug 1, 2006

  1. macninja

    macninja New Member

    Help!!!! the last couple of days i've been having major electrical probs with ma 99 A6 Avant. The central/locking alarm has stopeed working and all the indicators are stuck on solid(not flashing).Tried replacing the flasher unit , no difference and the only way to get them to go off is to pull the hazard warning light fuse!
    Now this happened once before to me and it had been raining then as well, coincidence or could the water be getting in somewhere it shouldn't?
    Any ideas gratefully received
  2. Dracoro

    Dracoro New Member

    I have same problem. See below: :)

    On my Audi A6, the hazard lights are stuck on. Not flashing, just constantly on. Tried disconnecting battery and reconnecting, still they stay on.

    Driving back at the weekend, they came on (constant, not flashing) for a few seconds a couple of times but then they behaved for most the journey so thought little of it.

    One thing however, the window got left open 10 days ago and the passenger well got some water in, not that much but enough to leave a small puddle. Mostly now cleared although I've got the rear carpet up to help dry out the carpet and underlay. Could this be related?

    Had the carpets up (sort of, can't remove seat!) and the front is quite wet underneath. the sponge stuff is quite soaked. I have put a towel underneath to help air it and take some of the moisture.

    There's a spongy type insulation above the footwell towards the bulkhead that seems to go up (towards the pollen filter??) and this is rather wet too which makes me think a leak or just with the torrential downpour last weekend just was too much? THe pollen filter is dry btw. I found a load of connectors under the carpet to the side. I assume one of these is for the hazard lights (or alarm?) that needs drying out? Tried taking them all out, none of them turned off the hazards.

    Had the hazard switch out, unplug it and the lights go out. However the indicators then don't work. SO, put back together and removed the hazard fuse (not the indicator one) and the hazard lights are now disabled but the indicators do flash when you indicate left/right ok but they flash rapidly. This may be the only interim solution until car is properly sorted out as then at least I can drive it. Rest of car works properly, all lights, stereo etc.

    Anyone any ideas? :)
  3. fjtwelve

    fjtwelve Moderator Moderator

    Water leak here is a classic VAG problem with this generation of cars. Water leaks through from bulkhead drain in engine compartment if it overflows due to blocked outlet. Comes down back of glovebox and through air vent system. Once water gets through once it seems to keep on coming. Problem on my 98 Passat (flooded through vents to front and rear passenger footwells), my neighbours 96 Passat, and my wifes 97 A4 (front footwells). Passat was fixed by regular cleaning of drain holes, A4 proved more difficult . Have now put draft sealant strip under plastic trim at bottom of windscreen to divert rain from running off windscreen into bulkhead area. Has stayed dry recently but am waiting for winter to see if its fixed. Why VAG use absorbent foam, that soaks up water, in a footwell, instead of closed cell material I have no idea, design blindspot maybe.
    maybe a component in the flasher circuit was damaged by the short in the water, auto sparks should be able to locate the fault i would have thought.
  4. CotswoldD

    CotswoldD New Member

    I have just joined these site and just bought myself my first Audi :)

    A6 Avant Quatro 2.8 Avant 2001 Driving home after buying it yesterday, I experienced the same thing, but it was a baking hot day. The hazards came on constant (Not flashing) seemed to happen when either playing around with Air Con switches or when moving the indicator stalk to turn right. Very Hot day and carpets are bone dry!!

    Where do i start??

    Regards P
  5. CotswoldD

    CotswoldD New Member

    Ahh I just found this post on another forum, thought would help.

    Apparently common problem in A6's is the scuttle drain hole (which is underneath the battery) get blocked and water runs into the car through the heater vents.

    This happened on my FIL's car and the auto box ecu (which I think is somewhere around the front passenger seat) got very wet and failed. Maybe there are other electrical units in the same area that might be affected.

    So unblock those drain holes, dry everything out and fingers crossed nothing will need replacing!
  6. GAudiTech

    GAudiTech Member

    convenence control unit is located under carpet at footwell..common fault.

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