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Electric Windows (Rear)

EnzoS4 Jun 16, 2006

  1. EnzoS4

    EnzoS4 Member

    On the rear windows, I just push the button once and the window(s) go down on its own. but when closing the window(s) - I have to keep the button selected to close them. I remember reading some where how to reset this so that it works on its own, but can not find it. The fronts work ok.

    any ideas...?
  2. Rev-head

    Rev-head Active Member

    When you find out PM please that is something that i have never figured out

  3. S4_dan

    S4_dan Fire up the Quattro! VCDS Map User

    Me tooo! MIne will go down in auto but not up. I think this is standard setup.
    When the battery is disconnected / reconnceted, all windows only work manually. you have to set them the by pressing and holding the front window button downs until windows fully open, hold for a few secs then lift up to close windows again holding for a few secs.

    Then do the same procedure for rear windows.

    This is the only way i know of resetting the auto window feature fully but the back still wont go up in auto.

  4. doeboy

    doeboy Member

    My fronts are auto up and down, the rears auto down only. The fronts on my escort before Audi would not auto up, It's a safety feature i believe. To stop you and in the rear i would have thought kids trapping themselves.
  5. EnzoS4

    EnzoS4 Member

    I did original try pressing the switch for a few seconds once down and doing the same for the up, but like you said this only works on the fronts not the rears. I will have to do some digging to see if vag-con can change this setting... unless anyone knows that it can not be changed in vag-con...?

    on another note, are any of you S4 guys going tomorrow to the GTi Internations...?

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