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Electric window problem.

_Zerocool_ Dec 10, 2013

  1. _Zerocool_

    _Zerocool_ Active Member

    Last night I tried to put the drivers window down on my car (2010 S3) and it went down about half way and stopped.
    I tried pushing the button again and nothing happened. Tried to put it up. nothing. Tried again then it worked, then it didn't then it did etc... This was the case with all the windows. Weird.

    Tried them today and they work fine

    I've had a problem with them before where pushing the button all the way down (so that the windows go all the way down) didn't work but pushing it half way did.

    Anyone else had this problem? Fixes?

  2. Artimus

    Artimus Shortback

    Had a similar issue with the O\H's Polo, it turned out the contact pins in the drivers door switch were loose & intermittent - a few twists of the switch tightened them up & all is still well with the world. :whistle2:
  3. _Zerocool_

    _Zerocool_ Active Member

    Yeah thought it may be a loose connection of some sort. Cheers Artimus

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