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Eibach question

Lawson Nov 30, 2012

  1. Lawson

    Lawson New Member

    For the people running either sportline or pro kits have you got any pics on the standard 17s i had the sportline kit on my astra vxr and found it a bit crashy over some roads. I would like a comparison of what is better i dont want to slam my car just look a little more aggresive? Thanks
  2. shady-ninja

    shady-ninja Active Member

    ive got the B12 sportline kit on 17's but i dont think its that low.
    might try to take some pics by sunday or4 monday once its washed.
  3. Shadowman

    Shadowman Active Member


    if you do a search on Eibach Pro Kit, then you should get some good info from forum members , myself and WarrenS3 included.....we both had the Pro Kits fitted to our S3's, one 3 door and one Sportback both with very positive results.

    Basically, the front is lowered so that the standard negative rake is replaced with a more neutral/flat stance with very little deterioration in ride quality. The advantages are that the way the standard car leans on its front springs when cornering is vastly improved, and the pitching front to rear when accelerating or braking is markedly decreased...all in all, it's a very good improvement with very little deterioration from standard ride quality.

    I would definately recommend it..... Hope that helps.
  4. GNJ_Motorsport

    GNJ_Motorsport Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

    He has 17's mate so it won't be an S3. The normal A3 pro kit has front and rear springs.

    The Pro Kit lowers 30mm on a standard A3 SE. A sport or S -Line will be more like 15mm.

    A lot of people use the sportline kit on here with excellent results. That said I had them on my own Astra VXR and I didn't find them crashy. Obviously all lowered cars will be a little stiffer but I think maybe the ride is a bit better with the sportlines on an A3 than the VXR as a few report them to be crashy on VXR online but I don't think I have seen that mentioned once on here.....

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