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EGR ValveHi

prs999 Nov 12, 2011

  1. prs999

    prs999 New Member


    I have posted before on here regarding the rough running of my 2.0 TDI B7 A4

    Its still running rough and I am just working through the solutions

    I have been to my local Garage who has plugged it in and said it is not giving any error codes, They also said It could be the MAF sensor, I have unplugged this and it makes absolutely no difference to the running of the car, does this mean that it could be faulty? is it something that could benefit from cleaning or is it either working or not?

    the other thing they found is the gasket on the end of what I think is the EGR Valve which is leaking, Firstly is this the correct identification or the EGR Valve?
    it is on the left of the engine as you look from the front laying in between the air intake and the head? I thought I had identified it ok but the Audi dealer gave me a set of gaskets that don't seem to correlate, What gaskets should I have?

    My first plans are to clean this and replace the gaskets then if this doesn't help have a look at the MAF sensor, does anyone else have any other ideas, Is a can of engine cleaner in the fuel tank a good idea? which one is best?


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