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  1. dannyFR+tdi

    dannyFR+tdi Member


    Cars just passed its mot and had a full service. The mechanic found that the EGR valve has a leak. Are these easy to replace/fix and is there a guide to do it? Ive done a search but cant find any decent info on the matter.

    Would appreciate if anyone can help me out

  2. markA4tdi

    markA4tdi markA4tdi

    unless it is a major leak i wouldnt worry too much, mines had the same for about 12months with no problems, however if you want to change it, i know the audi dealers want £269 fitted inc of part and labour etc, when mine was in audi dealership for cambelt change they mentioned but the mechanic said it wasnt nessecery on the state of mine they just mention it because its their job to do it.
    Last edited: May 7, 2010

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