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EGR valve

lynd Dec 19, 2009

  1. lynd

    lynd New Member

    Well found the problem after all the messing about

    The rod connecting the EGR valve to the electronic solenoid on the inlet manifold had snapped
    This left the valve jumping about and let loads of exhaust gasses into the inlet manifold, hence all the acceleration problems
    Sorted with a new EGR valve
    Audi thought the difference in rod length (about 13mm) was probs an updated part
    It seems the broken bit had lodged in the inlet manifold and found it's way into the cylinder head a week later
    I now have a smashed head, piston and damaged bore
    Nothing £3000 won't fix though according to the engine specialist:faint:
    it is only a few weeks out of warranty

    Looked around for an engine without joy however you do not know what you are getting so gave the garage the nod to fix it

    Have told him to check the oil pump as well whilst it is in bits since there seems to be a problem with the BLB engine

    Spoke to Audi reference any recalls for the B7, the only recall relating to this car was the EGR software and that has been done

    I am now hoping the dealer will see some goodwill to all men at Christmas and see his way to offering a few bob towards the cost

    If not beans on toast in the new year
  2. jwhat

    jwhat Member VCDS Map User

    Sorry to hear that, it's not a nice thing to hear before Christmas. But on the other hand it will be as good as new when it's fixed!
  3. hilly

    hilly Active Member

    i have just got a new engine for mine due to the top end ceased.look on autotrader website at parts,got a bwe engine from a 2008 which ad done 17k for £1600 with warranty a audi specialist is fitting it

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