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EGR Valve Removal - Please Help Unable to Access

Freemantle33 Jun 4, 2013

  1. Freemantle33

    Freemantle33 New Member

    Morning All,Sorry to post another on EGR valve removal but i have been searching all previous and i am un able to find anything, I have a 2007 TDI 170 Sportback and i am trying to remove the EGR Valve and Throttle Body to clean. However the exhaust inlet pipe comes in at different angle to pictures i have seen and this prevents me from being able to get to the rear bolts. Can anyone please help with an pictures or anything??Also on various occations the glow plug light comes on flashing, however the car does not go in to safe mode and when the car is switched off then on it resets itself. A minor issue maybe??I hope someone can help.Kind RegardsPaul
  2. max69vk

    max69vk Active Member

    You need a really long Allen drive, preferably on a flexible joint to get the bolt at the back that holds it to the manifold, & even then its still a mare to get to. The other 2 are a cinch.

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