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EGR valve hose connection

crazy88 Jan 13, 2013

  1. crazy88

    crazy88 Loving the anonymity

    I cleaned my turbo yesterday with the Mr muscle method, and also cleaned the EGR valve and intake manifold. All works fine, not really a huge difference noticed, if any but it was more preventative rather than anything else.

    However, I noticed a load of oil on the rear most part of the intake manifold when taking it apart, it turns out the EGR valve is slightly leaking at the hose end (back of the engine) and down onto the manifold.

    There's a retaining clip there, and while it's holding the pipe, it's not sealing it. The clip and pipe don't appear to be broken, just not doing their job as well as they should.

    Anyone else had this? It just looks like if I buy a new clip it'll do it again. I did wonder whether there was another way to fix the pipe to the EGR valve to be sure it won't leak. Ideas?

    Here's a pic of the pipe, you can see the left side is pushed out slightly towards the top. It won't come out, but oil and gunk is leaking out.


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