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EGR Question..

demus Jan 1, 2014

  1. demus

    demus Fire in the hole..

    Have any of you noticed how much longer the engine takes to warm up with the EGR removed?

    I'm considering removing the EGR from my 2001 B6, AWX engine, only thing is my trip to work is only about 5 miles, and if really cold it can take this to get it up to 90deg, unless I really pull its ears back all the way..
    Thermostat was changed a while ago, and before with the shakey stat and no EGR it would struggle to get to 90deg over 10 - 12 miles.

    I did an EGR delete on our Freelander TD4 when we had it, and from then on never really saw any smoke from the exhaust, made a hell of a difference.

    So my question is, on this short distance whats the lesser of the two evils.. not quite getting up to temp, or having ****ty sooty fumes pumped into the intake?? At 110k its not to gunked up really..
  2. Jimmy TDI

    Jimmy TDI Pro Tinkerer Audi A4 Audi Avant Owner Group TDi

    It will take longer in colder weather, but long term it's helping to stop the turbo veins getting clogged up. Mine probably takes a couple of miles more to warm up than it did before I blanked it off.

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