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Egr cleanout

liam9114 Aug 8, 2013

  1. liam9114

    liam9114 New Member

    As title says I'm planning on cleaning out my egr and intake. I have some 'wynns air intake and carb cleaner' but it says its for petrol engines. Will this be ok to use as I'm going to take the egr and intake off to clean them? If not what is best to clean them with? Also do I need to replace any gaskets or seals when refitting them?

    My car is a 1.9tdi 130

  2. Steffgj

    Steffgj Member

    I did this a while back and would recommend getting a load of degreaser so you can soak the whole lot for as long as possible. Then get various brushes/scrapers to enable you to clean most of the **** off. It gets extremely messy!

    you'll need an intake manifold gasket and EGR gasket when refitting.

    Whilst you've got the intake off it may be worth putting some Mr Muscle through the turbo. Guide in the DIY sticky.
  3. ali50ferrari

    ali50ferrari Member

    Any one have the link or part number for the gasket that goes with the egr valve, looking to clean mine up in the next few days...

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