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EGR and DPF removed and mapped - thanks to Steve @ Lion Garage!

eddscott Apr 18, 2012

  1. eddscott

    eddscott Member

    Took my car to Lion Garage in Hay on Wye for EGR and DPF removal and mapping.

    I got in contact with Darkside Developments and asked if the EGR pipe they offer for A3 or MK5 Golf 170 BKD engines would fit a BRD engine. They checked and came back to say although they'd never fitted one to an A4 BRD engine that manifolds were the same so there was no real reason for it not fitting. Took the plunge and they were happy to take it back if it didn't fit.

    I was very keen to not go down the route of gutting the DPF and go for a complete replacement pipe fitted - it might be a bit iffy come MOT time but we will see. My opinion for what its worth is that a straight through pipe will be better for airflow than a empty space, having chatted with the chap from Darkside, he did say although it would help it's unlikely to make huge difference but it is what I wanted.

    Dropped the car off and went for a cuppa (or several :) )

    Picked the car up in the afternoon and Steve had also changed the air filter as it looked like a small forest was growing on the original. And also changed the oil and filter. It was something I'd been meaning to do and had bought a filter ready to do the job.

    Only comment regarding the EGR pipe was that a small oil feed pipe uses the recirculating pipe of the EGR as a support bracket so a new bracket will need to be made. There was also a worry that removing the EGR altogether might throw up a CEL that would be difficult to map out. So far, all is well and no CEL.

    The map used was more for a driveable improvement over stock rather than out and out performance to be on the safe side considering the parts being used were relatively new on the B7 A4. Tweaks in the future would be not problem.

    So the drive home? Because so much had been changed I didn't want to hammer the car on the way home but gave it a few beans here and there. The A40 from Abergavenny to Carmarthen is a cracking road IMO, the valley section has some tight bends and quite entertaining. The lag that is so apparent in 170s is reduced which means boost comes in quicker and makes the car easier to drive. With the power more available across the rev range it means you are far less likely to drop out of the power band. Now, I'm not about to say a diesel engine sounds good - nothing beats flat 4 unequal length manifolds - but the more apparent whistle from the turbo is kinda cool and it does seem to have more of a bass to the noise when pressing on. If it wasn't so horrifically expensive I'd be tempted to look at a stainless system for the car. According to the DIS I still managed 44MPGz

    Very happy with the results and thanks to Steve for doing such a great job.
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2012
  2. Joe_Murphy21187

    Joe_Murphy21187 S-Tronic

    Nice write up! 2nd post today about remaps/DPFs/EGRs... making me look forward to getting the same done in a couple of weeks time!

    How much did it set you back for all the work? Be interesting to know, come MOT time, if anyone even checks the presence of a DPF and if it counts as a failure if it isn't present... update would be great in the future...
  3. eddscott

    eddscott Member

    AFAIK the presence of a DPF isn't subject to MOT inspection. Its whether the car will still pass emissions.

    Will be getting it checked next week. If it fails well I've got 12 months to worry about that :)

    Took some pics for Darkside.

    You can see the little metal pipe on the right - thats the oil pipe that needs supporting.



    T'other side with the recirc pipe removed.

    I've read a few mention more smoke out the exhaust. So far, I've not noticed any more than before.

    Theres a small grub screw in the delete pipe which I think I can remove and fit a nipple too - I can then fit a boost gauge hose to the nipple (I've seen a boost gauge and cover that replaces the steering column cover - looks quite cool and I've a bit of a love for the old gauges :)
  4. chrisk1700

    chrisk1700 Member

    how much did this cost mate if dont mind me asking??
  5. murran

    murran Well-Known Member

    my guess is, alot more than a g450 dpf pressure sensor, which is in 90% of dpf lights coming on........ is the actual fault.
  6. Lion Garage

    Lion Garage New Member

    Hi Edd.

    Nice to meet you the other day. Glad you are happy with the removal.

    Yes and no.

    We see a lot of issues with G450's and keep one in stock as its so common. Its very simple to check plausability of the sensor by looking the measuring value in a KOEO situation. We do fit them (and dont forget that many need an adaption) along with a software update and all is well again.

    We also clean and refit a lot of DPF that have gone beyond the soot loading that the system will allow a regen.

    We also see an awful lot of cars that have no fault with the system just the type of roads we have locally makes regeneration almost impossible. Customers tend to get fed up of having to make a special trip to a road where they can regen, so, tend to want the filter removed.

    Edd's light was not on and there was no fault pressent. Soot loading and ash mass were quite high though. I think Edd was worried that he does many very short trips which could cause problems in the future.

    We also remove a lot for performance tuning as with DPF in place the tune is quite restricted.

    Last edited: Apr 23, 2012
  7. Gogsie

    Gogsie Member

    Picking my car up tomorrow after having the same done. How is your car running? Any issues with the DMF & Clutch at all?.
  8. eddscott

    eddscott Member

    My car has been fine so far. No CEL or other funny business.

    I don't think the extra power will trouble the clutch that much - I'd be surprised if it did. It might reduce the life of the clutch but I would think by much.

    I've got some cosmetic stuff I want to do to the car but after that I'm quite tempted by a turbo kit if ones becomes available for the B7 A4. Will probably go back to Darkside and see what they can offer in terms of parts.

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